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Luke Lonergan is a resident of San Carlos, CA, United States. He has completed his post graduate degree from Stanford University. He is a founder of Didera, a database clustering company. In 2000 he served as CEO and Chairman. Luke Lonergan’s background includes 16 years of management experience in computing technology ranging from innovations in big data, cloud computing to advances in medical imaging systems.


5 Questions about Big Data – Luke Lonergan

How are businesses using big data to connect with their customers, deliver new products or services faster and create a competitive advantage? Luke Lonergan, co-founder & CTO, Greenplum, a division of EMC, gives insight into the changing nature of customer intimacy and how the technologies and techniques around big data analysis provide business advantage in today’s social, mobile environment — and why it is imperative to adopt a big data analytics strategy.

Trends that will Shape Cloud Computing in the Future – Luke Lonergan

cloud-computingCloud computing has brought some great changes and has grown leaps and bounds in the recent past. However, a recent report released by Forrester Research indicates that organizations across almost all sectors will use cloud computing to achieve greater efficiency and serve customers in a better manner.

Companies with data centers, large budget, and complicated applications are considering using cloud computing to manage their core operations.

Forrester Research found a large number of European and American companies are developing private cloud computing infrastructure. While, some others are obtaining public cloud services and eying to put in place some type of cloud technology in the near future. A significant number of these companies are also planning to adopt a hybrid cloud model.

Here are some of the trends that will shape cloud computing in the future:

Enterprise applications will appear in public cloud

Many enterprises are comfortable hosting enterprise applications and business apps in the public cloud. It has been found that more and more companies are depending on public cloud providers to host their key software. These companies find cloud as the right place to obtain correct insights out of enterprise data.

Companies to choose Hyperconverged Infrastructure (HCI) solutions

Many companies are shifting to public cloud providers due to security reasons. The companies do not want to take risks associated with handing over their clients list and other critical information to a third-part vendor. Hence, more and more companies are selecting Hyperconverged Infrastructure (HCI) solutions to run their operations. Many companies are choosing HCI as the default infrastructure platform to develop the private part of a hybrid cloud.

Control of cloud costs

As more and more companies operate in the public cloud they end up spending more money than they would have spent using the private cloud solutions due to various factors. Techies have started controlling the cloud costs for their companies and it will gather more steam in the near future.

Homegrown players will complement ‘mega-cloud providers’

Smaller homegrown players will complement ‘mega-cloud providers’ such as IBM, Google, Microsoft, Microsoft,, etc as the big players will not possibly be able to comply with every request of their clients and the gap will be closed by smaller homegrown players. Instead of becoming rivals with the mega-cloud providers, the smaller players will support them in catering to the clients.

Some of the trends that will shape the cloud computing in the future are enterprise applications will appear in public cloud, companies will choose HCI solutions, companies will control cloud costs, and homegrown players will complement ‘mega-cloud providers’.

Article Published by : Luke Lonergan

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Luke Lonergan is a businessman who takes great pride in what he does. When he isn’t running his business, he loves to study history and firmly believes in the famous quote: “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”

With the idea that you won’t repeat mistakes if you are aware of them, Mr. Lonergan has made it a priority to carefully study business strategies that not only succeed but the ones that fail as well. Luke believes the loss is important to study, in order for his business to be the best it can be.